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Boracay, The Worst Island In South-East Asia?

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I recently read about an interesting blog about Boracay being the “worst island ever” from a woman named Anna Lysakowska and she has this website called where she writes about all the places she’s been, food, beaches, island and almost anything you can imagine written by a soul-traveler.

As a little summary, basically she stated that from her arrival to the airport on to the beach via sardines-like jam-packed mini-bus, she knew she basically walked in to tourist trap with the worst kinds of people she was surrounded by, vendors everywhere, the cheap transport means, the type of travelers and tourists she met, the bars, and even the poor restaurants at the beach, which, in my personal opinion is possibly the worst experience she’s ever had compared to the 62 countries she has visited over a decade. She thinks Bora is a “CHEAP” place to be. So since she chose to be culturally insensitive about Boracay and its people and probably how she feels for the entire Philippines, I would do just about that to tell her to her face that she is MISTAKEN.. Yes! I’m taking the bull by the horns!

Here is the link to her Expert Opinion as to why Boracay, despite it being globally renowned is probably the ‘worst’ island she’s ever visited in SOUTH-EAST ASIA. It is a MUST that you read her blog and I don’t care if it draws more than 2-10 views (which is what most of her so-called Travel Guide Blog Entries Views average). So she decided to take her writing in whole new approach to steer her popularity to a new direction. (No offense to me even though I know I only have my mom and a few friends following my blog so yeah call me a tease). Here’s the link.

Now, after reading that blog, I thought I’d give it a just write-up, just as I commented on her website and tell me if I’m wrong..

“Ok Anna. So you obviously have A LOT of personal issues about Boracay. As a responsible blogger, you should have laid down all aces and jokers about that poor island that you’ve insensitively destroyed the reputation of, all because of your unpretty personal experience. Apparently you started off at wrong foot – wrong date to visit the island, wrong boat to board and ferry service, wrong hotel location, probably a little short budgeted to tipping, wrong restaurant, and an incredibly HUGE PACK of Ignorance sparkled with stupidity. And this is all because you decided to go short-hhanded and unarmed of information about that place. Now let me tell you why in scrutinizing details as to why this is your case. Just as you used the strong word “hate” with Boracay, I will use just as strong a word to describe how I felt over the manner of your writing that allegedly “ does not intend to discourage” blog all based on your POOR choices-FURIOUS!

Are you ready?

SO ONLY FILIPINOS RECOGNIZE BORACAY AS GLOBAL HOTSPOT HUH? ( at least that’s what you wanted to imply)


1. You decided to go back packing to an island known and recognized globally by far more credible entities, writers and magazines than yourself -not all filipino-made promotions just so you know- the huffington post, national geographic, reader’s digest and you can’t possibly imagine what others. And you went there out of hear-say from your friends expecting a first class experience when you seemed to have taken a budgeted tour? C’mon!

putting us in minibuses where we felt like sardines in a can. Suffice to say, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

southwest tours2. You chose land in Kalibo airport when you had the option take the plane that lands in Catiklan airport. Then you would dreadfully complain about the 2 hour bus tour to Catiklan Via a jampacked bus just to take yet another ride-boat- to the island? ITS A SMALL ISLAND! They havent thought of building an airport right in the island and as you said, to preserve its beauty and minimise consumerism. Your nearest choice could have been the catiklan airport. But KALIBO is cheaper right and you chose that. Traveler’s rule of thumb-you never expect for a first class experience on a budget trip! Seems that you just tend to attract negative vibrations. Or maybe its time that you wear new clothes when you travel and then,,,evaluate your options when you go to places you’ve never been before. And stop waving high expectations, nothing’s perfect in this world. You wrote as if you’ve been to every place on the face of the earth to say Boracay is the worst! It may have its ugly sides as everything does and I dont remember you mentioned at least one single beautiful thing about it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.35.08 AM3. Too crowded with people everywhere? You even posted a photo implying that people in the background are always just removed?Duh?! Remind me again how many times you have visited the island?

Tell me those (photo on the left) are similar shots! Either you forgot to photoshop the actual image (2nd one) which is by the way, not my definition of crowded as you implied, or you really waited until the background cleared, which it would even if you didn’t whine.

What month did you go there anyway? Try to go in May, August, or maybe off peak seasons and you can have the island all for your self, which, is the whole essence of your travel, right? But then again that defeats the purpose of witnessing how much people from diverse backgrounds and culture gather in that place proving it is indeed a global hot spot. Which brings me to my next point..

4. You mentioned as if the only nationalities visiting the island are filipinos and Koreans. You know the thing called “off peak” season is the time when you can have the island all for yourself and for all I care, juice yourself in the sand, by all means, please and no one would care. No annoying people and vendors to disturb you. But if you wanna have a private beach to relax anytime of the year, Boracay is sooo not the place to relax. You don’t like to party, then why go to a place where party is everywhere as you mentioned you’ve read from the tourist guides? Try CORON PALAWAN or El Nido (which is quite expensive) and i bet you would complain to be “overpriced”. But anyway, just to balance people’s knowledge about boracay, IT IS NOT TRUE that only two nationalities go there. How could you be so bias and unfair?! We have met, Germans, Americans, Canadians, Greeks, French, Polish (not your kind, though) and every other race, you name it! They just had better place to stay, good choices made, food to eat etc. Had you made proper choices, expectations and attiitude, would have made a whole lot of difference and it could have made your experience steer to a different direction.

 4. ANNOYING VENDORS: Have you not have even an ounce of human compassion or at least a little bit of CULTURAL SENSITIVITY?


I don’t know what you were expecting of a globally recognized tourist spot. Local people there would brag about their cultural artifacts and hand made stuff to sell for souvenirs and remembrance of the island. You exagerrate too much in my opinion as if they are unnecessary animals and parasites to the island. Its an ISLAND for God’s sake. People in there do not have much to earn from. The least you could do is to get in their shoes and stop acting like a bitch. Filipinos are courteous people, they are respectful and they know when you say No its a no!

5. Due to the island being semi-commercialized and consumerised, restaurants and convenient stores are built around the island for your CONVENIENCE if you ran out of something or need something or if you forgot your toothbrush or soap etc. And not unless you know how to fish with your bare hands and grill them yourself then by all means im on your side and there is no need for restaurants and many prefer to have their own choices of food and places to eat.

13942470111611And yet again, you chose the Hobbit Place and complain about the overpriced burgers. You’re not paying for the burgers there but for the a-la-lord of the rings hobbit/midgets that served you. And people who eat there are the ones with deep pockets. You seem to have plenty of money to come around, so why whine? There are home-cooked food restaurants there and they are really cheap. Different travelers have different tastes for experience and you have to respect that universal fact. Not everyone loves the same taste as you do. There are adventurously grateful type, the whining type and what do you call those people who try to blend in to high class and act like it when in reality they just parasites? Yeah thats it.

Lastly, every tourist spot can be a Scam City that its why even NatGeo had this Travel Guide called “Scam City” so you can avoid being scammed when you travel. But boracay is FAR from being such. You just chose to look at it from that angle.

Now let’s take a look at it from the GOOD side.

Travel to and from the island.
Good month, average budget and a little bit of research and youre off to a beautifully exciting trip to the island where you can witness the kissing of Nature and civilization in one place. Take the plane to Kalibo or Catiklan airport really doesnt matter if youre a real traveler, you’ll love the time and distance you ride by. From Kalibo airport you will ride either a private van for rent a vehicle if youre in to comfortability or ride with thrill seeking, adventurous strangers in a public bus from all over the globe. And yeah, it may tend to feel like being canned sardines on wheels. But thats the fun of it. Squeezing with a crowd of people from different countries who love just the same experience. If you are the whining type, get a private van to the pier. And remember, the month and time of travel matters A LOT! If the whole thing isn’t your stuff, then follow your gut and head straight back home!

The boat! – Southwest is a private speedboat that takes you to and from the island if you’re in time to catch it. But you still complain about it while Ive seen worst.

The bars and the people : Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand, Kuta Beach or Seminyak in Bali they all have something in common. Sex and night life in the beach. Sex is a human instinct. In Boracay You meet attractive people from all over the globe and if you’re single and mingling what the heck?! Get laid! But is not a whorehouse. Sex happens everywhere, Virgin Mary. And yes people stroll around there to get laid, or get paid for sex. But that doesn’t make the whole island dirty. People party and they get drunk they get horny and they have sex after but dont make it your problem if its not your thing. Its part of their game. Don’t make it as if you’re being forced to join the game! What do you want built in there, churches? (No offense to churches please) After the breathtaking view of the island, crystal clear ocean, powder white fine sand, some people would want a little taste of the civilization so, they build music houses there. You will meet friendly tourists and even have chit chat with them. Imagine having conversation with a complete stranger over a bottle of vodka with no holds barred? Fun right? No? Then its your problem again. But what comes next would be all up to you of course.

Water sports:

I found out that only in the Philippines and especially in Boracay you will experience the “flying fish” ride (you can youtube it). Its where you ride on top of a kite-looking inflated craft and get dragged by a speedboat so fast you will literally fly like a kite in the air and if lucky, you get thrown in the water. There is parasailing where you are dragged on a parachute by a speedboat and see the beauty of the island. Theres JetSki ride, helmet diving, fish feeding and sooo many fun things to do that will make you forget the hassle of getting to the island. Coz thats how its works- the road to paradise requires some sacrifice and by that, i mean to go to boracay you may encounter some hassle and hardships. But if you start off with a bad mood and feel like that all the way, your whole travel will be ruined because thats all you can think of. And all you will see are the bad things. Discounting everything else altogether. And i think thats what happened to you.

Lastly, a little bit advise. Before you indulge yourself on your next travel ALONE, wherever your source of money comes from, sit an hour or two in front of a computer. Search the web, check the pros and cons of the place you plan to visit, place to stay and if you plan on budget back-packing lower your expectations and stop whining when things start off unpleasantly and move on the other side of the situation and change your attitude because the situation isn’t gonna change for your convenience. You want that perfect tranquil, relaxing travel vacation by the beach you’ve been crying for your entire blog, try going to Palawan and explore the whole island. From Coron, puerto princesa, to the expensive el nido and youve got youreself something GOOD to write about. It’s really pricey because, that is indeed a pradise on earth. Or try the beaches in Bohol. It is where the famous diving spot in THE WORLD is located.

There. I hope people would think twice about your discouraging blog about Boracay when they read this.

Happy trip!”

There you go, I think clarity and justice has been served..